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On Friday 18th May, I was invited to attend an inspiring event called #WeSpeakCode. Held at the University Of Technology,  the coding event was run by Microsoft and attended by 800 teenagers with a passion for IT from low socio-economic schools around Sydney. So what has this got to do with dignity you might ask.

At both the morning and afternoon session, The Smith Family chose a student speaker to thank Microsoft and all the other contributors at the event. The student who spoke in the afternoon was a Year 9 teenager from Auburn Girls School. While the quality of this video might not be fantastic, the content is breathtaking. In eight years of working in the not for profit sector right around the globe, Jumana is, without doubt, the most impressive student I have met. People who witnessed this speech or have seen the video since, including Microsoft CEO Pip Marlow have said such things as: future employee, future prime minister, world leader.

Please take two minutes to judge for yourself. I now know that the world’s further is in safe hands – enjoy!

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