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Syrian Refugees and Deng Thiak Adut


The moment I start talking about refugees, most people’s eyes begin to glaze over. The rhetoric and beliefs about the topic here in Australia is so out of whack with reality it used to infuriate me. Instead of boiling away in a pit of anger, I decided to do something about it and this was one of the key reasons this blog came into being. My other intention was to help these marginalised people restore their dignity by having their story told. In order to truly heal from persecution a person needs to be heard. This is something I experienced over and over on my recent trip to Rwanda and if ever there was proof that it worked, Rwanda is it.

So two extraordinary things happened here in Australia this week. Firstly, the Abbott Government agreed to repatriate 12,000 Syrian refugees, and I congratulate them for it. In recent years, Australia has accepted a total of 13,750 per annum so this is a huge step forward in what appears to be a change of heart for our Prime Minister.

But for all those people who have doubts about refugees and their impact on the Australian community, this week’s stand out was the acknowledgement by Western Sydney University to recognise the success of Deng Thiak Adut and , believe me, his story gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘against all odds.

Decide for yourself.

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