Visiting the King

Today, Lena and I escaped the big smokeĀ courtesy of our driver Amos and a Toyota 4-wheel drive. We headed a few hours south to the seat of the old king. Driving through the countryside was heaven; lush, hilly, immaculately clean, and picturesque.

We visited the former king’s palace. The last king was deposed back in 1959 and mayhem followed. One palace was an old thatched building from the 1800s. It actually consisted of three buildings; one where the king lived, a smaller one where the women prepared food and a final house for his beer!

There was a second 1930s structure, which was built for the last king’s father in the 1930s.

The ones that we visited are reconstructions as the real ones, like everything else, were destroyed in the 1994 genocide.

Beer House 6x4.jpgMilk to Butter.jpgPalace Roof 6x4.jpgPatterned Wall 6x4.jpgVillage Scene.jpg

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