Arriving at Inle Lake.jpgAva Twin Temple Reflection Myanmar.jpgB%26W Buddha Ava Monastery.jpgBlossom Hand Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon.jpgBuddhas Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon.jpgCorridor Ananda Temple Bagan.jpgGigar Maker Mandalay.jpgGirl in Monastery Mandalay.jpgGubyaukgyi Temple Bagan.jpgIndein Ruins %26 Trees Inle Lake.jpgInle Light Myanmar.jpgLeg Rower Casting Inle Lake Myanmar.jpgMonastery Dog Ava Myanmar.jpgPagoda Reflection Yangon.jpgPaOh Girl Inle Lake Myanmar.jpgPaya Hsinbyume Pagoda Buddha Mingun.jpgPrayer Beads.jpgPurple %26 Black Bobbins Inle Lake Myanmar.jpgRice Pickers Mandalay.jpgShwedagon Reflections Yangon.jpgShwezigon Pagada Celing Bagan.jpgShwezigon Pagoda Relief Bagan.jpgSide Buddha Ava Ruin Myanmar.jpgSilk Thread Inle Lake.jpgTemple Reflection Mingun.jpgTribal Woman at Shwezigon Pagoda.jpgView from the RV Strand Bagan.jpgWater Hyacinth Inle Lake.jpgWeaver Woman Close Up Inle Lake.jpgWeaver Woman Inle Lake Myanmar.jpg
A country of contradictions, where Buddhism rules but at what cost? The expulsion of the Christian population to refugee camps on the Thailand border and now the Rohingya’s to Bangladesh? A country where the might of the Military quashes everything and everyone, including its Government. A country where an exquisite ancient past offers a feast for the senses. Temples and Buddhas in abundance and so much more.



For me, the jewel was Inle Lake; Stilt houses, Pa Oh tribeswomen dressed in black with colourful headscarfs, leg-rower fishermen balancing on one leg, lilac water hyacinths, and eighty-year-old ladies weaving fine silk fabrics on antique timber looms – magical.